Turk’y Roll

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The perfect tender roast turk’y roll filled with a herby soysage stuffing. Awesome on your vegan holiday dinners or just for a delicious Sunday roast. It also makes the most perfect open-faced diner sandwich smothered in gravy.   

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A bit bland

I love Rudy's but didn't really enjoy the turk'y roll. It was bit bland and dry. I just added tons of gravy. I would definitely keep trying the rest of the theor range of products though.

Tom Mayer
Nice One

Was a bit worried about reports of delivery delays etc which were beyond Rudy's control BUT it went off without a hitch and the roll arrived well in time for Christmas. The two 'meats' are great in their own ways and impressed even the meat eaters who tried them. It worked great for xmas dinner and many subsequent refloggings.

Dan LeGee
I've ordered this before so I know that I like it but...

I don't think it's Rudy's fault as DHL failed to deliver on the 23rd, and then again on the 30th. And now won't let me move delivery to anything other than Jan 1st but I haven't received the order yet. The turk'y roll is usually great though. Ordered last year and for Thanksgiving this year. Just this one hasn't come on by.

Excellent dish

Very tasty. 2nd year in a row that I've ordered it

Hug de cook
Product didn’t meet expectations unfortunately.

I’m a big fan of Rudy’s & think they’re doing great things, but this product wasn’t up to scratch & was therefore overpriced, in my opinion. I’d love to be able to provide more detailed feedback in the hope it is incorporated into next years recipe as there is so much potential here. The stuffing is pretty good, but it could be better, but most importantly the turkey itself was incredibly bland. Such a shame.