2 x Dirty Burger - 300g

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Rudy’s Dirty Burgers are fast becoming known as the best vegan burger out there. These savoury patties can be grilled or fried and topped with anything you like to make your own perfect vegan burger.

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Customer Reviews

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Ella Gilbert
Hands down best vegan burgers out there

I cannot get enough of these. Perfect texture, amazing flavour, everything you want in a burger.

Robert Gunn

I see complaints below about MSG in the food and the supposed health risks. Just want to say no proof at all scientifically that msg is in particular bad for you.

Joshua Andrews
So sad

What happened? The food was amazing but now it’s really average, very sad.

What has happened to the food I loved

What on earth has happened to Matthew and Rudy? The food used to be the best on the market. I don’t know what has happened but the stuff that is being sold now seems to be a very very poor substitute. The texture and taste have completely changed. Bring back the old stuff and get my custom once again. My advice is to avoid at all costs. The pricing is also ridiculous. It is such a shame I hope that one day they find their way once again

Elliot Silvester
Monosodium Glutamate!

I’m really shocked to see you using Monosodium Glutamate as part of your flavourings. I see it’s in most products you make. Lots of us choose vegan options to be more healthy! You are aware of the long, long list of health issues associated with MSG in foods?